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Pea - Early Perfection (Seeds)

Pea - Early Perfection (Seeds)

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Variety originated in USA. Great short season shelling pea. Straight pods about 8.5 cm (3.5”) long hold 7-8 dark green sweet tasting peas. Sturdy plants can grow to 90 cm (36”) tall so staking is recommended. A prolific producer. Great fresh or for freezing and canning. Matures in 65 days.

How to Grow

In a sunny site with fertile well worked organic soil, sow seeds in successive crops every two weeks from early April to mid-May as long as weather remains cool. In some areas, a late summer/fall crop is possible. Seed typically sprouts in 7-14 days.

Planting Depth: 2.5 cm (1”). Seed Spacing: 6 cm (2.5”). Row Width: 40 cm (16”).

COMMENTS: This pea prefers temperatures at or below 21 C (70 F). Keep plants evenly watered for best tasting harvest. Pick mature pods daily to encourage continued production. Avoid using high nitrogen fertilizer.