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Pea Shoots Microgreens - 200G

Pea Shoots Microgreens - 200G

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Grow delicious pea shoot microgreen seeds at home just like you would any other microgreen. Insert the seeds into a shallow layer of soil, and keep moist. Harvest with scissors once the seedlings are 8-10cm (3-4") tall. Pea shoots are fantastic raw, tossed with a sesame based dressing, or added to stir-fries at the end of cooking to maintain their appealing crunchy texture. The variety we sell is Dwarf Grey sugar, much coveted for the quality and flavour of its thick, fast growing shoots. But all pea seeds can be used to produce microgreen pea shoots. This is a great product to try with kids, as the greens grow very quickly. They are sweet and nutritious.

Quick Facts:

    • Fast growing
    • Super nutritious
    • Very appealing texture
    • Sweet flavour
    • Makes a brilliant salad