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Bean (Pole Bean) - Rattlesnake (Seeds)

Bean (Pole Bean) - Rattlesnake (Seeds)

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Heirloom Vegetable. Stringless pole bean with striking purple and green pods. Deliciously flavoured, sweet tasting, tender pods with an intensified colour when steamed, cooked. Speckled seeds are popular as a snap or dried beans. Perfect  for hot, humid areas. Vines can reach 2.5 M (8’).

How to Grow

1-2 seed/gram. The growth requirements for pole beans are mostly the same as bush beans. The main difference is pole beans need to be grown on trellises, open weave fencing, nylon bean netting strung between supports or on bamboo or pole teepees. Securely anchor temporary structures to prevent collapse during the growing season. Make sure irrigation supplements rainfall during droughty weather.