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Pumpkin - Big Max Organic (Seeds)

Pumpkin - Big Max Organic (Seeds)

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  • Canada Organic
  • GMO Free

Big Max lives up to its name by producing large, exhibition sized pumpkins averaging 100 lbs. in weight and measuring up 70" in diameter. Of course there is only one use for these brutes - carving them into extra large Jack 'o Lanterns that can be seen for miles. the nearly round pumpkins have thick, slight red-orange skin with bright yellow-orange flesh. The flesh itself is also used in canning and for freezing. Look for help when its time to bring these beauties in from the garden - you'll need it!

How to Grow

Sow pumpkin seed directly into the garden after the soil has warmed sufficiently - this normally occurs from very late May through June. Make 4 separate 1" deep holes per hill and plant two seeds in each hole - space hills about 6' apart. Remove the smaller seedling from each pair after germination. Seed can also be started indoors 3 weeks early. Use soil-less growing mix and plantable peat or paper fibre containers as pumpkins do not like to have their roots disturbed when transplanting. Feed plants regularly with compost and dilute soluble fertilizer and keep the ground evenly watered for best growth. For the biggest pumpkins, allow only one or two to form on a single vine - remove any others that start to form on the same vine after that.