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Rose Chafer Trap

Rose Chafer Trap

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If you live on sandy soil you may see the rose chafers in your yard, feeding on your grapes, raspberries, peonies, roses and many other plants. Adult rose chafers become active in North America from late May to early June. The adults appear suddenly to mate over 2 to 6 week period of time. The ungainly beetles have a straw-coloured body, reddish-brown head and thorax with black under surface. The adult rose chafer is about 0.5 inches in length with long, spiny, reddish-brown legs that gradually become darker near the tip. As they age, hairs are worn off the head and thorax with normal activity revealing the black color below.

The Rose Chafer Trap is a unique formula lure that captures large numbers of Rose Chafers when used with a white Japanese beetle trap design. This trap kit comes with a durable, reusable 1/2 gallon catch container. Traps should be placed at least 30 feet away from the targeted foliage or plants. For larger acreage, a trap should be placed every 200 feet around the perimeter of property. The floral lure with the trap should be replaced yearly. This lure may trap both sexes of Rose Chafer.

Notes on this Trap and Lure System
The Rose Chafer lure were developed by Ohio State University. These lures were developed to reduce the population of Rose Chafers and overall the damage caused by these pest. The use of traps and lures alone are not a control, but a management tool for this pest.

This lure consists of a highly concentrated rose scent and no pheromone is present in this system. The lack of a pheromone means placement of this trap is very important. The trap should be placed 20 to 25 feet away from the infested rose bushes and placed down wind. A down wind trap placement will lure the Rose Chafer beetles to the trap before they reach the roses.