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Round Up Ready To Use 709ML (Restricted Use)

Round Up Ready To Use 709ML (Restricted Use)

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Kills unwanted grasses, weeds, plants to the root within 2 days.

Roundup® Ready to Use Grass and Weed Control with Fact Act Foam® lets you see where you've sprayed and starts working in hours. Kills weeds to the root so they don't come back. Pre-mixed and pre-measured so you're always ready to spray.

Avoid spray contact on desirable plants as any plant contacted may be killed. Do not spray in windy conditions. Do not spray to the point of run-off. Rain or watering two hours after application will not wash away effectiveness. However, heavy rainfall immediately after application may wash the chemical off the foliage and repeat treatment may be required. Do not apply if rainfall is forecast for the time of application.

***For use only Poison Ivy, and Poison Oak.***

**Always make sure to read the label and wear the appropriate PPE.


Glyphosate 7g/L