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Bean - Tricolour Blend Bush (Seeds)

Bean - Tricolour Blend Bush (Seeds)

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The Tricolour Bean Blend is our best selling bush bean. It incorporates three varieties of bush beans that will produce purple, gold, and classic green beans. Because of the variety, the harvest window is extended over several weeks. The plants are not huge, so they will work well in larger containers such as half barrels or grow bags. Or try some in raised beds or your organic vegetable garden. Take summer meals to a new level with this novel blend of multi-coloured bush beans. The pods are easy to pick and lovely to look at in the garden.

Approx. 150 seeds

Matures in 52-60 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Quick Facts:

    • Bush bean
    • A blend of green, gold, and purple
    • Productive plants lengthen the harvest time
    • Open-pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 52-60 days