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Cauliflower - Fioretto 60 (Seeds)

Cauliflower - Fioretto 60 (Seeds)

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This is the first true sweet sprouting cauliflower to hit the market. Like sprouting broccoli, it was bred to have longer interior stems, inside the head. Tiny white florets appear in dense clusters atop long, narrow, pale green stems, all with a flavour sweeter than regular cauliflower, and a nice crunchy texture. When the head is cut from the main stem, it falls into scores of individual florets. Before it is cut, it looks like any other cauliflower. The plants were uniform and productive in our field trials. Fioretto 60 is great for home and market growers.

Quick Facts:

    • First sprouting cauliflower
    • Super sweet flavour
    • Matures in 60 days
    • Hybrid seeds