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Corn - Calico Popcorn (Seeds)

Corn - Calico Popcorn (Seeds)

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Grow your own popcorn! Tiny kernels dot these 15cm (6”), multi-coloured cobs in yellow, brown, white, purple, red, and blue. Use Calico Popcorn seeds for edible popping corn, or simply as ornaments to mark the harvest season in early fall. Give the tall, slow growing plants as early a start as possible for the most ripe cobs. Expect mixed colours on every stalk. This is not a sweet corn variety, and is not intended for eating as corn on the cob. But the kernels really do pop once they have fully dried.

Matures in 90 to 105 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Approx. 70 seeds

Quick Facts:

    • Beautiful ornamental/edible variety
    • Tall plants mature late in the season
    • Use as a pollen break for corn
    • Matures in 120 days
    • Open pollinated seeds