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Onion - Scallions Apache (Seeds)

Onion - Scallions Apache (Seeds)

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Apache scallion seeds grow just like all the other scallions, but has a bright purple base end that colours up early in the season. If left to mature, it will form a vivid pink bulb or salad onion. Its mild flavour and crisp texture make Apache a great candidate for adding colour and contrast to salads and sandwiches. Provide the frost protection of a cloche row cover, and Apache will grow slowly all winter long. Sow at three week intervals from March to the end of July for a continuous harvest. The quirky little onions are perfect for the market table. Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Matures in 65 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Quick Facts:

    • Mild, crisp flavour
    • Small bulb with deep purple skin
    • Great for adding colour to salads
    • Open-pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 65 days