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S'Mores Checkers

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S'mores & More Checkers... a new way to play a classic game! It adds a strategic twist, more risk, and more fun... it's SHAKE, RATTLE and ROLL! For 2 players, ages 8 and up. 

What's the twist? A unique dice shaker means you can move your own marshmallow checkers, and even your opponent's. Cross the S'mores & More checkerboard and get "kinged" with what belongs on top of every s'more... a graham cracker! Capture all of your opponent's marshmallows and you win! 

Grab your stick and marshmallow, the s'more the merrier!


  • 1 S'mores & More Checkerboard
  • 12 Marshmallow Checkers
  • 12 Toasted Marshmallow Checkers
  • 10 Graham Cracker Crowns
  • 1 Dice Shaker (contains 3 dice)
  • Rules of Play

For 2 Players, Ages 8+

Playing Time: 15-20 minutes