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Pea - Snap Pea Sugar Lace II (Seeds)

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Variety originated in USA. Sugar snap variety producing stringless, plump, very sweet 8.5 cm (3.5”) long pods. Sturdy vines can grow to 75 cm (30”). Heavy yielding variety with great disease resistance. Semi-leafless vines make picking the tasty pods a breeze! Matures in 68 days.

How to Grow

In a sunny site with fertile, well worked organic soil, sow seeds in successive crops every two weeks from early April to mid-May as long as weather remains cool. In some areas a late summer/fall crop is possible. Seed typically germinates in 7-14 days.

Planting Depth: 2.5 cm (1”). Seed Spacing: 6 cm (2.5”). Row Width: 40 cm (16”).

COMMENTS: Keep plants evenly watered for best quality pods. Pick mature pods daily to encourage continued production. Avoid using high nitrogen fertilizer.