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Squash - Acorn Mashed Potatoes (Seeds)

Squash - Acorn Mashed Potatoes (Seeds)

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C. pepo. Slightly oblong acorn squashes grow on compact, semi-bush vines. The exterior skins are bright white, and hold their colour right into the fall. The interior flesh is also white and low in sugar. It takes on the appearance of mashed potatoes when cooked and fluffed. The fruits hold their colour well into the fall and provide a a  good, low carbohydrate alternative to mashed potatoes. Each fruit averages about 750g (1½ lbs), and sets close to the crown of the plant. We liked the fact that they were so easy to spot in the field.

Matures in 90 days. (Hybrid seeds)

Quick Facts:

    • Pure white acorn squash
    • Compact semi-bush vines
    • Matures in 90 days
    • Hybrid seeds