Gotcha! Frog's Tongue - Sticky Insect Trap

Gotcha! Frog's Tongue - Sticky Insect Trap

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  • Non-Toxic yellow sticky cards for trapping flying insects.
  • For indoor or Outdoor use. The bright yellow is highly attractive to flying insects such as white fly, fungus gnats, leaf minor and flying aphids. 

    Thrip, fungus gnat, whiteflies, winged aphids etc are attracted by the yellow colour and when pests come in contact on the trap the sticky surface captures the pests firmly. The grid pattern on the trap is an effective easily manageable monitoring tool. Beneficial insects are not attracted to the Trap. 

    Eco friendly, comes with twist ties to adhere to plant. Glue on both sides with grid pattern to monitor pest load. Non- Toxic, Non- Pollutant  

    Directions:  Peel off the protective coating and hang traps near plants (3" above canopy). Monitoring: Place 3-4 / 1000 sq ft. To control fungus gnats, place horizontally across the rim of the pots or stand vertically on the soil surface. 

    One package contains 10 two-sided sticky cards. Use on any plant that is being impacted by flying insects.