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Summer Savory (Seeds)

Summer Savory (Seeds)

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Satureja hortensis. This delicate, aromatic little plant grows quickly in rich soil. Used in bean, pea and lentil recipes, summer savory has a more delicate flavour than winter savory. Sow Summer Savory seeds in the spring. After flowering, pull it up and hang to dry. Let a few plants go to seed, and it should come back the following year. This herb grows to 25cm (10") tall.

This is the better known savory - it is an annual plant as opposed to perennial Winter Savory. Maritime Canadians know and love it, and use it the way sage is used elsewhere. It's nice with poultry stuffing and stews, and it is a key ingredient in herbes de Provence.

Quick Facts:

    • Pairs well with legumes
    • More delicate than winter savory
    • Sow in the spring
    • After flowering, pull and hang to dry
    • Let a few go to seed