Wind Chime - Aloha Solar Natural

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  • Beautiful by day, magical by night!
  • Our Aloha Solar Chime incorporates a solar light that automatically comes on when the sun goes down. This chime is musically tuned with inspiring notes to uplift your spirit and ease your mind.
  • The chime's design was inspired by the island paradise of Hawaii, where beautiful sunny days are strung together like the flowers on a lei and the people are known for being warm and friendly.
  • Aloha is a popular way to say hello, goodbye and love. On a deeper level it's connected to the energy and power of the Aloha Spirit. The loving use of this incredible power is the secret to attaining health, happiness and prosperity.
  • May our Aloha Solar Chime be a musical part of your Aloha Spirit.
  • This product is designed to hang from a string loop, rather than an O-ring.
  • Solar-powered light
  • Bamboo sleeve and windcatcher
  • Ash wood top and clapper
  • Four silver aluminum tubes
  • Overall Length: 28 inches • Diameter: 5 inches