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Wind Chime - Moonlight Waves (Copper)

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  • This shimmering chime brings to mind moonlight reflecting on the ocean.
  • This wind chime got its name from its "curtain" design of antiqued, copper-toned and gently curved aluminum disks which is beautifully complemented by its calming sound. The subtle variety of shadow and reflected light on the cascading disks is reminiscent of the shimmer of moonlight on water. Watching this unique windchime flutter in the breeze recalls warm summer evenings and long walks along the shore. Gazing at it as it sparkles and gleams, you can almost hear the waves crashing and feel the sand between your toes. Welcome this elegant chime into your home or garden and let it bathe you in tranquility.
  • This product is designed to hang from a string loop, rather than an O-ring.
  • This product has long strings that may tangle in strong winds. It may be preferable to hang it in a sheltered area or indoors.
  • Black finish ash wood
  • 34 antiqued copper finish aluminum disks
  • Overall Length: 34 inches • Width: 10 inches