Easter Lilies

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Easter Lilies

How do I care for my new Easter Lily? What Do I Do With My Easter Lily After It Has Finished Flowering?


When actively growing your Easter Lily does best in bright indirect light. If placed in too much light it might get burned and if placed in too little you may find the blooms do not last as long.


Water when the top of the soil is dry to the touch. 


For longer lasting blooms try and place your Easter Lily in a cooler room. (15-20 degrees Celsius) If need be you can simply move the plant to the basement in the evenings and have it on the main floor where it is brighter during the day.

How To get It To Rebloom

Easter Lilies are a bulb and so, the regular care of bulbs of any kind apply. As soon as the blooms have finished remove them from the stem. The leaves should stay on until the plant has had sufficient time to restore its energy to the bulb. This leafy growth time may be three to six months. As soon as the danger of frost has passed, the plant can be put out to the garden if desired. About fifty percent of these bulbs may over winter and bloom again in the garden. The variety grown for Easter gift plants is not considered to be extremely hardy.

During the summer the leaves will start to mature and turn yellow. At that point, the bulb needs to rest. In order to keep it as a pot plant, it then needs to be dug out of the ground and stored in a cool, dark, dry location until early winter. It can then be replanted and placed in a bright sunny window and may come into bloom again for next spring.

As with many gift plants that we receive for special holidays, our advice is to normally discard the plant after its beauty has passed and hope that you receive another one as a gift for another holiday. This is primarily because holiday plants typically require more work than your average plant to get back into bloom. 

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