Fertilizing Hanging Baskets & Planters

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fertilizing planters and hanging baskets


What Should I Be Feeding My Planters And Hanging Baskets?

Even with the best of soil and slow release fertilizers at the time of planting, it is wise to feed container plants during the growing season. A soluble fertilizer mixed with water is the easiest way to achieve this. Use a fertilizer high in the middle number such as 15-30-15 to encourage lots of blooms as well as healthy growth.

Remember to water planters before they dry out. As a general practice, check daily and water as needed. In extremely dry weather, containers may need to be watered daily or every second day. Use the nutrients as described above every 10 to 14 days. As well, at this time of the year, pick off dead blooms and pinch long dangling stems to encourage new growth and fresh flowers. If you fertilize it will encourage more blooming however you will get the most out of your plant if you remove the old spent blooms at the same time you fertilize.

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