Itoh Peonies

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itoh peonies


Intersectional (ITOH) peonies are created by crossing herbaceous and woody tree peonies. They offer the best qualities of both including: large flowers in unique colours, robust herbaceous foliage, strong weather resistant stems, longer bloom time, extreme winter hardiness, and increased vigor.

Garden Culture
Intersectional peonies prefer the same culture as garden and tree peonies. Choose a permanent, sunny or partially shaded site that is not in competition with large tree roots and has rich, well-drained but heavy soil. Through they grow best in full sun, the flowers last longer in part shade. They will spend their first year getting established and will not be floriferous, but the bud count should increase each year. Do not cut plants all the way back in the fall since the lower part of the stem often carries next year’s buds. Buds will also come from underground like herbaceous peonies.

Growers Tip
The most critical aspect of planting peonies is proper planting depth. For intersectional peonies, the crown should be planted 1 ½ - 2 inches below soil level. If the eyes have already begun to grow, they may stick up above the soil a bit after planting the crown below the soil level.

**Try not to plant the crown too much deeper than the recommended amount. Peonies will grow foliage but have a hard time producing flowers if planted too deep**

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