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I am considering planting lilies into my perennial border. Are they suitable and are they hardy?

Frankly, as a perennial, I love Lilies. They are available in probably the biggest selection of sizes and colours and blooms of any perennial. Lilies are hardy bulbs. They are best suited for perennial borders or other mixed borders with shrubs and or evergreens. They prefer full sun and they like rich well-drained soil.


The lily family includes Trumpet Lilies, Orientals, Hybrid Lilies, and of course the Day Lily from the very earliest and shortest of the Lilies, including Stella Dora to the very tallest majestic specimens that grow to four feet tall. They will provide a spectacular show in your summer garden.


In the spring, as soon as the ground is thawed and warm, plant Lilies. When planting use a mixture of soil, compost, or composted manure (or for those that don't want to mix it you can buy 3 way mix) and bone meal. Allow plenty of space because Lilies do multiply and get bigger. Some of the larger taller varieties may need some staking, but for the most part Lilies are care free and easy to grow.

For an earlier start, Lilies may be potted and started indoors now so that by the time they are ready to be planted outside they are already well started. This will make the season a little earlier for them. Lilies make excellent cut flowers to be enjoyed in a vase indoors. Many of them are fragrant and are available in colours from white, pale pink, yellows, bronzes, golds, and all combinations of speckles that make them extremely attractive garden plants.

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