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My Euonymus Emerald Gaiety Has A Lot Of Brown Leaves This Spring. Should I Prune Them Now?

Euonymus Emerald Gaiety and Golden Euonymus both, can suffer severely some years with winter damage. Broadleaf evergreens can be damaged during sunny, windy cold days of winter. The leaves become dried out and are now turning brown.

In many cases the easiest way to remedy this unsightly problem is to just prune off dead upper parts of stems. That will encourage new fresh growth, which will restore the beauty of the plant.

As a second option, check for signs of healthy bud development on the stems where the leaves are brown. If new buds are developing, they will be getting larger , and the stems will look fresh. If there is no sign of bud growth, and the stems look dry (this is by the time the weather starts warming up in Spring), pruning is the only option. If there is bud development, then very shortly new stems and leaves will grow and camouflage the dead unsightly leaves.

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