Pruning Potentilla & Spirea Shrubs

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potentilla and spirea pruning


I Have Beautiful Dwarf Golden Spirea And Potentilla Shrubs.
How, And When Do I Prune Them?

Both the Potentilla and the Dwarf Spirea come in a number of varieties. All of these plants bloom in the late spring through early summer. They can be pruned either in the late fall or early spring.

Both of these shrubs bloom on new growth. Pruning them now will remove some of the brushy tops from last year. They can be cut back about halfway or to whatever size is wanted to control the plant. A pair of pruning shears works very well. Simply shear off the top third to half of the plant leaving the lower part to develop new growth. New growth will be stronger and have a better quality of blooms when this pruning is done.

The whole series of flowering shrubs, including these and others, will benefit from a feed in the early spring. It is very important to do this feeding early so that new growth will be strong. Use any liquid fertilizer, granular fertilizer, or fertilizer spikes with a formulation suitable for shrubs.

The only other care that these plants should have is weeding to insure that grasses and weeds are not smothering the shrubs out. While checking shrubs in the spring, also have a look for any signs of diseases or insects. Most flowering shrubs require very little in the way of pesticides. Should pests be found, use insecticidal soap or a suitable pesticide for shrubs. Finding insects early and eradicating them is wise. Large populations of insects are more difficult to control later on.

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