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Rhubarb is an extremely easy plant to grow and will reward you with harvests for years to come. The health benefits of rhubarb include its ability to promote weight loss, improve digestion, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, stimulate bone growth, boost skin health, prevent cancer, optimize metabolism, improve circulation and protect against various cardiovascular conditions. One of the main reasons why people cultivate and eat rhubarb is for its astounding nutritional value. Rhubarb is packed with minerals, vitamins, organic compounds, and other nutrients that make it ideal for keeping our bodies healthy.


Plant as soon as soil can be worked. Choose a sunny, well drained area for your rhubarb bed. Rhubarb will tolerate partial sun however does best in full sun. Dig a hole several inches deep to accommodate the roots and space plants 18” apart. Add a generous amount of compost or manure. (rhubarb LOVES manure)  Apply mulch to smother weeds and retain moisture. Side-dress with compost or fertilizer in midsummer.

In midsummer break off flower stalks to encourage leaf stalk production. Roots can be divided and replanted in the early spring of the third and subsequent years. Do not harvest the first year and harvest only stalks that are at least 1” thick during the second year. Stalks are best when harvested in the spring and early summer.

Try to give it a water every now and again if the soil is managing to dry out. This is more so important during the summers when you have weeks of next to no rain.

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